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Image Threshold (Back and White)

Image Threshold is a free online tool that converts images (JPEG, PNG, WebP) to black and white or in other words – binary. Simply insert a photo into the app and select a desired binarization threshold value. That’s not all, the software is free to use and has additional nice features, so go ahead and happy thresholding.

Online Image Threshold Tool

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About the Image Binarizator

The binarization (or image threshold) is a process that transforms an image into a two-color picture – black and white. This means that each pixel in the image will be 1 (255) for white and 0 for black depending on whether it exceeds a certain threshold value.

This online software is free to use and does not require registration or account. There is no limit to the number of images you will convert.

How to use the Tool

This online image utility has several thresholding options that provide additional functionality and convenience. To get more information on how to extract binary mask from an image or illustration, you can read the following points:


The tool allows to reduce some of the image noise before the binarization process. Use the Smooth slider to control the noise reduction strength.

Manual threshold selection

Use the Threshold slider to control what part of the picture is considered background (black) and what is foreground (white).

Automatic thresholding

Click the Auto Detect button to use the built-in binarization level detector.

Note: Auto detection mode is a rough estimate and may not provide the desired result for the current image.

Select a region of interest

In case you want to apply a binarization effect to a part of your photo, hold down the left mouse button (LMB) and draw a rectangle over the image area.

Apply Dithering

Image dithering has different application in digital signal processing and algorithms. You can use the build-in Dither algorithms by a simple click on the Dithering button.

Note: For larger images, you may need to save the result to see the actual effect.

Example Results

The next section shows some sample results from the tool.

Image Binary Threshold and Dithering - Black and White
Example of image binary threshold and dithering

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