Symmetric Nearest Neighbor Demo

This demonstration shows how to get oil-paint effect using the Symmetric Nearest Neighbor filter.

Here you can test the SNN filter online and see what results you will get with different images and video.


Symmetric Nearest Neighbor App


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User Interface

Select media source

Use the following buttons to select the desired media source:

  • Browse button – click to select an image or video from your computer.
  • Camera button – activate your web-camera to apply this filter on live video

Configure the filter

You can control the strength of SNN filter by tune the size and number of iterations. To configure these parameters use the following UI sliders:

  • Noise – simple noise generator. A higher value means more noise to the image
  • Count – use the slider to control the number of iterations.
  • Size – use the slider to control the spatial mask size.

How does Symmetric NN works?

  • The tool reads an image from an HTML Canvas element and makes a WebGL 2D texture.
  • As a second step, do texture filtering using Symmetric NN
  • Finally, the app renders the resulting texture onto a 2D Canvas element

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