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Turn Picture into Pixel Art

Image Pixelator is a free online photo utility that can make pixel art out of an entire image or parts of it with just one click. This tool can pixelate photos from various formats like JPG, PNG, WEBP and others, online directly in a web browser.

Pixelate an Image

Drag and Drop
Click the Browse button to select file from your device.
Press Ctrl+V to paste an image from clipboard.
Use a sample image

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About the Pixelation tool

This easy-to-use pixelation tool is a free image utility that works in an online environment. You can make pixel art from a small region or apply the effect to an entire picture or illustration.

With Image Pixelator we can mask part of an image to hide sensitive data or just use it as a nice photo effect. This little piece of software provides the ability to choose a pixel size that controls the strength of the filter while you pixelate an image.

How to make pixel art from a photo?

Time needed: 1 minute

To make pixel art from a photo or illustration, follow these quick steps.

  1. Select an image to pixelate

    Use the Browse button to select an image or simply drag and drop the file into the application view.

  2. Select a region of interest

    In case you want to pixelate a part of your photo, hold down the left mouse button (LMB) and draw a rectangle over the image area.

  3. Change the pixel size

    Move the Size slider to change the pixelation strength.

  4. Download the pixel art

    Once you’re ready with image pixelization, just click the Save button to download the image.age.

Example Results

The picture below shows a sample output from the image to pixel art converter.

Pixel-art converter (train toy)
Sample output from the image pixelation tool

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