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Marker Drawing Photo Effect

With just one click, this tool converts an image into a marker drawing illustration. You can use this image app for free right now in your browser.

Marker Drawing Photo Effect

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About the Marker Pen Tool

The Marker Pen Drawing is a free-to-use online image utility that uses various image processing algorithms to provide a convenient sketching photo effect. With this image tool you can apply the effect of sketches with a marker on different photos without restrictions on the number of use.

The tool is an online application that runs in a web browser and can work with various picture formats such as JPEG, PNG, WebP, etc.

Transform an image into color sketch with markers
Sample conversion of an image into a colored sketch through a marker pen

Configuration Options

The Marker drawing application is easy to use and yet gives flexibility for customization and configuration. You can read how the change settings affects the resultant image.

The Mode parameter controls the color type of the filter. Currently available options are:

  • Colorful – the drawing is in different colors based on the input image
  • Monochrome – the marker is in gray color
  • Black and White – the image will be in two colors only – black and white

The Pen slider controls the thickness and saturation of the strokes, where greater value leads to thicker lines.

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