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Hough Circle detection Demo

With this online tool, you can experiment with the Hough Circle detection algorithm. This is a free web app that can find circles in images and graphics.

Hough Circle Transform App

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About This Tool

This online tool detects circular shapes in photos and illustrations. Works in web environment with browsers like: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, etc.

The web application uses the Hough transform to detect circles. The algorithm is a popular feature extraction technique in the field of image processing.

Example Results

The images below are sample results from the online circle detector.

Bunny with a Ball - Sample image
The source image
Bunny with ball - sample Hough transform
Circular Hough transform
Bunny with ball circles detection sample result
Detected circle

Configure the App

This online app has the following UI controls to help configure the detection filter:

  • Size – the slider controls the radius of the detection circles.
  • Blur – controls the strength of a blur filter.
  • View – Changes the transform view mode.

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