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Simplify Images

Simplify images for free and create cleaner, more stylized versions.

Image Simplifier

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About This Image Simplification Tool:

This Image Simplification tool goes beyond basic color reduction. It utilizes advanced algorithms to analyze and segment images based on their regions, resulting in a more simplified and visually cleaner output. This makes it suitable app for:

  • Creating cleaner and more stylized images: Simplify complex photos into more visually striking representations.
  • Enhancing clarity and focus: Reduce visual complexity in images to highlight key elements.
  • Preparing images for further processing: Simplify complex scenes for easier object isolation or manipulation with other tools.

How to Use the Tool:

Ready to simplify? Just follow these quick steps and turn your complex images into simpler and stylized pictures in seconds.

  1. Upload your image

    Click the “Browse” button to select an image from your computer, or simply paste an image from your clipboard or drag and drop it directly onto the app.

  2. Define your region of interest (ROI)

    Optionally you can simplify a portion of the image. To do so, simply click and drag over the image with your mouse to select the area you want.

  3. Adjust the blur/smoothness:

    Use the slider to control the amount of noise reduction applied to the selected area.

Example Results:

See how the Image Simplification tool can transform your images:

Simplified image of Lego blocks
Turn complex Lego photo into cleaner, more stylized versions with the free online Image Simplifier

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