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Color Replacement Tool

Color Replacement tool is a free online software application that can replace a selected color from an image or photo. This free image utility woks in a web browser without the need to download or install anything.

Free Color Replacement

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About This Image App

This is a free image application that works online and allows you to replace certain colors of objects in photos. The online tool uses a color space transformation to isolate and substitute the selected hue.

How to use the color replacement tool?

Time needed: 1 minute

The following steps describe how to use this online software to replace one color in an image with another.

  1. Select an input image

    Click the Browse button to select an image.

  2. Select the color you want to replace

    Left click on the image or use the color picker to select the shade you want to replace.
    color picker - sample image

  3. Choose a color to replace with

    Use the Target Color Picker to select a new shade to fill with.

  4. Adjust the strength of the change

    The Tolerance slider controls the color threshold. The larger the value, the more shades will be affected.

Example Results

The following example shows how the color replacement software works on objects with shadows and uneven lighting.

Sample image - flowers
Sample image – flowers
color change on blue roses
Color change on flowers

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