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This page lists different software projects that are ready to use or still in progress. Most of the apps are online oriented and can run in different web browsers like: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox and other.

Free Online Video Maker

This online tool uses the HTML5 WebCodecs API to provide an easy-to-use client-side video app. In a few steps, it converts a series of images into WebM video.

Turn your image gallery into a video!

Free Online Video Maker

Online Image Processing Apps

Online photo apps are small web applets that run directly in the browser. These are separate image processing tools for different tasks such as photo effects, filtering, image analysis, image editing and more.

Photo utilities are free to use, as some of them are:

Cartoonize your photos

Use this image tool to turn your photos into cartoons.

The online cartoonist for your images!

  • Custom oil painting effects!
  • Simple and easy to use online tool
  • Free to use, no download and no registration
Photo to cartoon effect

Online Audio Tool

The SoundCMD online app is a free web tool that enables audio processing in a web environment. This is an evolving project that aims to enable spectrum-level sound isolation and editing. You can read more about this tool on the official soundcmd project page.

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