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Picture to Painting

The Picture to Painting is a free online app that converts regular photo into a cartoon like illustration. This is a free web tool that works just in a browser. This means no installation or download is required.

Picture to Painting Effect

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About This Painting Effect

This online app adds painting effect to photo or illustration. The tool works through a combination of different digital image processing filters.

The application works with various image formats like PNG, JPEG (JPG), WebP, etc. You can read the full list of supported media formats for the web.

On this page, you can apply a painting effect to your photos directly in a web browser for free. You don’t need to register or install any additional browser extensions to work with this image tool.

The picture to painting tool is a client web app that works online in browsers like: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge.

The cartoon effect is automatic, but you can also adjust some filter parameters such as stoke strength and paint smoothness.

How to Configure The Filter

By default this painting filter produce decent effects. However, the user can adjust some of the parameters to get better results.

  • Paint – this slider controls the smoothness of the paint
  • Stroke – this slider controls the strength of strokes

Example Results

The pictures below illustrate a sample result of the cartoon filter on a human image.

Input image of a beautiful woman
Picture to painting effect - woman sample
The result of the painting effect

Disclaimer: The sample picture of this beautiful woman is thanks to: Photo by behrouz sasani on Unsplash.

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