Remove Background with Watershed

This online tool can remove background of pictures by Watershed image flooding algorithm. This online tool divides the image into background and foreground by user-controlled markers. In other words, this app works as a simple background removal.


Background Removal with Watershed


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How to use the background removal?

The following short steps describe how to remove a background from an image with this tool:

Select media source

The following user interface controls allow you to select a media source:

  • Browse button – click to select an image or video from your computer.
  • Camera button – activate your web-camera to apply this filter on live video
  • Reset button – click it to see the original image without any filtering

Configure the filter

This catchment segmentation method uses user-controlled seeds to separate objects from the background. Use the following UI controls to change the filter parameters:

  • Marker– use this drop box to select the seed type – Background or Foreground.
  • After selecting the marker type, simply move the mouse over the image while holding down the left button.
  • Execute – click this button when you are done placing the markers

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