Watershed Segmentation Demo

This is an online demo of marker controlled Watershed image flooding algorithm. Here you can test how the Meyer algorithm works for different image sources.

This online tool divides the image into background and foreground by user-controlled markers.

Watershed Segmentation App

User Interface

Select media source

The following user interface controls allow you to select a media source:

  • Browse button – click to select an image or video from your computer.
  • Camera button – activate your web-camera to apply this filter on live video
  • Reset button – click it to see the original image without any filtering

Configure the filter

This catchment segmentation method uses user-controlled seeds to separate objects from the background. Use the following UI controls to change the filter parameters:

  • Sigma – controls the standard deviation of the Gaussian kernels. The higher the value, the stronger the effect of the filter.
  • Background – use this checkbox to select the seed type – Background or Foreground.
  • Execute – click this button when you are done placing the markers

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