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Browser Compatibility & System Requirements

This page outlines the recommended browser compatibility and system requirements for using our online image editing tools. Since these are web-based applications, they can generally work across various operating systems like Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS. However, to ensure optimal performance and a smooth editing experience, we recommend using a compatible web browser that meets the requirements listed below.

We recommend using the latest version of a major web browser for the best experience.

Mandatory Features:

Here’s a breakdown of the mandatory features your browser should support:

HTML5 Canvas

This feature allows for drawing graphics and images directly on the web page, which is essential for our image editing functionalities.


This technology enables our tools to run compiled code within the browser, enhancing performance and unlocking advanced features.

Web Workers

This feature allows our tools to run background tasks without interfering with the main browser thread, improving responsiveness while editing images.

WebGL 2 (Web Graphics Library)

This advanced graphics API allows our tools to leverage your graphics card for hardware-accelerated image processing, leading to faster performance for complex edits. Note, that our online image editing tools require version two (WebGL2)!

Canvas API: createImageBitmap

This function is crucial for creating image bitmaps from various image sources, which is essential for working with user-uploaded images.

Canvas API: OffscreenCanvas

This feature enables creating an invisible canvas element separate from the main page, allowing for processing images off-screen, potentially improving performance.

Supported Image Formats

The table below shows an overview of what image formats browsers support:

JPEG / .jpg, .jpeg, .jfif, .pjpeg, .pjpimage/jpegJPEG stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group. Common image format for lossy compression.Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer
PNG / .pngimage/pngPNG stands for Portable Network Graphics. It is a file format that supports lossless data compression.Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer
WebP / .webpimage/webpWebP stands for Web Picture format. It is developed by Google and supports lossless and lossy image compression.Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Opera, Safari
GIF / .gifimage/gifGIF stand for Graphics Interchange Format. Good choice for simple images and animations.Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer
SVG / .svgimage/svg+xmlSVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics. Great choice for icons, image animations, user interface elements.
Note: You may visit the SVG filtering tutorials.
Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer
Browser Image Format Support Overview

For a complete list of image formats available for online use, you can visit the following MDN article.

How to Check Your Browser Compatibility

Most modern browsers support these features. Here’s how to check your browser compatibility:

  1. Open your web browser.
  2. Navigate to a website that can detect your browser capabilities (e.g., or Can I use).
  3. Verify your browser type and version is supported

If your browser doesn’t meet the recommended requirements, you can usually update it to the latest version for free. Here are links to the official download and update pages for popular browsers:

For Apple users: Safari updates are typically included in macOS updates. You can check for updates by going to System Preferences > Software Update.

Please note: This information is for general guidance. Specific feature requirements might vary slightly between different online image editing tools within your suite.

Visit our Release Notes Page, to keep yourself informed about the latest features and improvements on our web apps and tools. Let’s get creative!

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