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This category lists image processing tutorials that provide WebGL source code. The WebGL library provides highly efficient interaction with 2D and 3D images in a web browser. This makes it possible to create advanced graphics algorithms without the need for plugins.

Image convolution guide

Image Convolution Guide

Convolution is a mathematical operation that is an essential part of digital signal processing and computer vision algorithms. This guide will look at what convolution is and how to use it in computer graphics and signal processing. The tutorial provides short examples and code snippets in various programming languages such as: JavaScript, WebGL, C++ and …

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Gaussian blur opengl and webgl code

Gaussian filter in OpenGL/WebGL

This sample source code below shows how to implement Gaussian blur filter in OpenGL (WebGL) shading language. This is a popular algorithm in computer graphics that results in a blurry image. Source Code The GL shader code below implements a separable convolution that we can use for a Gaussian filter image blur effect. The GSLS …

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