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Color Space

In digital image processing we can represent colors in different schemes – color space. This section lists various color space transformation algorithms.

Use JavaScript and HTML5 to read media files in Canvas

Read media files in Canvas Element

This tutorial introduces different ways to read media files into an HTML5 Canvas element using JavaScript. The Canvas node is powerful tool that helps us to develop different kind of web applications. The purpose of the Canvas element The canvas element can render images, vector graphics and other visual content on the fly. It is …

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Color space conversion

Color space conversion is transformation from one color representation into another. This is a common approach to improve image representation and make it easier to solve certain computer vision tasks.


Skin Detection and Segmentation in RGB Images

The Skin Detection and Segmentation is a process of finding skin-colored image regions from video frames or still pictures. Typically  this is a pre-processing step in the digital image analysis to find significant regions such as body, hands, faces, etc.